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Gadget Themed Cooking

Doing something for another person, like cooking, is a form of altruism. And altruism makes people feel happy and connected to each other.
"Cooking for others leads to a consistent rise in self-confidence and self-appreciation," says Julie Ohana, a certified clinical social worker and kitchen therapy therapist. "It's part of those psychological effects of doing something that makes you feel good."
But cooking also carries with it the idea of feeding someone, a necessary activity for survival. To cook for another is to feed, to sustain, to help keep alive.

Unleash your inner chef with our unique gadgets !
Vanisyshop's extensive kitchen-themed collection is sure to have the perfect gadget for you. With a wide range of options, we are committed to having the accessory you need.

For all those in a hurry we have the
DecongVite® this essential accessory allows you to defrost any food 6x faster. It is also useful when you forgot to take a food out of the freezer and you need to cook it.

freshness boxes allow you to keep your food up to 2 weeks and thus fight effectively against food waste and an optimal organization of your fridge.

For all lovers of cocktails or other festive drinks to share with friends, don't forget the
2in1 ice bucket. It allows you to make 120 ice cubes at the same time with its easy demolding, it allows you to extract them much more easily than with a traditional tray.

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