Yoga : Simple Stretches To Relieve Sitting Posture At the Office !

April 05 2021, O Comments


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Stretch the neck with simple stretches

Being stuck at a computer or smartphone screen all the time can take a serious toll on the neck - which is directly connected to the brain ! So it's essential to take regular breaks and stretch your neck during your workday.

>> Sit in a comfortable posture, but keep your back straight. Relax your shoulders and place both hands on the back of your head.

Gently push your hands back with your head as you resist with your hands. Tuck your chin in for emphasis and hold for up to five breaths.

This will strengthen your vertebrae.

In a second step, you can then relax your neck, releasing the left ear towards the left shoulder, and creating a slight pressure with the palm of your hand on the temple. Take a few long breaths and then release before doing the right side in the same way.

Stretching the shoulders with simple Gomukhasana (cow's head posture)

We tend to put too much weight on our shoulders. The sitting posture, which implies to keep the shoulders raised and tense, does not help anything more if we are constantly over a computer keyboard: a position which is far from being natural... It is therefore imperative to relax the shoulders.

>> In a comfortable sitting posture and with your back straight, bring your left hand between your shoulder blades. Bring the hand of the opposite arm to the outside of the elbow and press inward to stretch.

To go further, this time try to reach the left hand with the right hand. It is quite possible that, at first, the two hands will not touch.

You can then use a strap or a belt to bridge the gap between the two hands. Hold the posture while breathing deeply for a few moments and release.

Switch sides - you will often find that the two sides are totally different.

Opening the Chest with Simple Stretches

We don't always realize it, but tensions in the neck and shoulders often impact the rib cage, which will gradually close and reduce the amplitude of breathing. We will then be more quickly out of breath, less oxygenated and of course less open at the level of our heart, in every sense of the word.

It is therefore essential to work on the opening of the thoracic cavity.

>> In a simple sitting posture, we will reproduce a movement often used in the warm-up of a yoga session: the cat and the cow, which consists in digging then rounding the back. On the inhale, open the chest towards the sky, shoulders relaxed and look upwards (you can use the strength of your hands on your knees to go further without forcing). Then, on the exhale, you will round the back to the maximum by bringing the chin inwards.

Do these two movements several times, always breathing deeply.